Love Yourself Retreat Day with Metatronic Healing

This day is for anyone wishing to heal the parts of themselves that they have been out of touch with.

During this healing day Metatron energies will be brought in to unify our light with our shadow, our surface selves with our deep selves. Through the use of the high frequency energy rays- colour, crystal, cosmic and karmic, Metatron will bring light to reveal what has been hidden, in so doing releasing not only pain and the sorrow of your wounds, but also the latent powers of your unacknowledged brilliance, Little by little, helping you discover that you are much more that you ever knew. The day will consist of healing meditations and lifting the story processes.

A day of healing and self care and love with Metatron energies brought in through Louise

Date to be confirmed

10-4.30pm £55 Wendover 


Practise day and support for local Metatronic Healing Students


This is a day when you can come and be immersed in the Healing energies of Metatron in the cabin. With healing meditation and group healings bringing in energies from the different levels depending on the needs of the group, this day is for you to receive self-healing to support your progression as Metaronic Healing students.

Whatever wounds we have held so tightly in our cells can do nothing else but seek to be cleared and shifted from our energy fields and systems. As students of Metatronic Healing you may be feeling this more acutely as the energies through the training are reaching deep within. This day supports you wherever you are at and brings you whatever you need to help you heal and grow. My intention is to provide safe and supportive healing space for growth and personal development