Glorious sunshine over the bank holiday weekend which I hope you were able to enjoy.

It feels like it has been a while since I sat down and wrote something and a lot has happened over the last few weeks from attending a 6 day healing training refresher.

It has been a time of revelations for me as I learn to be more true and authentic in my work and life. One of the main things to come in for me to be aware of and to begin to take action on, is to bring about clarity about my message about the work that I do and how I present that to you, and those who may need healing.

I am thinking that simple is best but how do you simplify something that is at it’s core Mystery? On a recent course, one of the things that drew my attention and helped me answer this question was ” what does it look like to feel the support of nature”, nature after all is so full of mystery and magic. So what does that look like/feel like? For me it can be explained as the feel of the earth under my feet, the surety that (eventually) winter would give way to spring, that there is a pattern and a movement in all things that means we are ever changing and nothing stays the same for long. It is in the bird song and the breeze on your face on a  warm summer’s day, the unfolding of leaves newly opened to the light of the new season. The beautiful vibrancy of spring flowers and the reflection of trees in a stream, fish and ducks swimming, swans gracefully moving but with their legs paddling away below the surface.

At our core we are this mystery, how incredible it is that we breath without having to make that happen, how our cells can rejuvenate, how our skin and bones can repair after injury. It is truly mind blowing to see how our bodies and minds work daily. The complexity of it all. I was recently just caught by seeing a dead pigeon on the road and then moments later seeing one fly past my window. I was reminded, in that brief moment, of both the complexity and the simplicity of it all, and the mystery. It truly is magical and awesome and mind blowing! Yet it is our experiences that define us, life events and wounds, losses and broken hearts, pain and joy, laughter and tears. It is not about removing those experiences but more about lifting away the energetic charge that keeps us held in the pain, the fear and the sorrow. We are so much more that meets the eye yet at the very core, at the truth of it all, is the mystery, and this is what Metatron works with and through in this wondrous healing system.

It is about uncovering your light, the light that is already within you by healing the wounds or fear, sadness loss, pain, sorrow and shame so that your light can shine at it’s brightest, not dulled and murky, restricted and withheld because of the feelings that have been suppressed and buried beneath and held within the unconscious to show up every time someone or something triggers it and us into re-activity.

Know that you are not alone and as sure as the trees will unfurl their leaves and come into blossom- so will you, with a little help because we all need some help sometimes don’t we. I am offering to support you through this healing system that brings love and compassion to those dark places within, shakes them up a little to loosen and dislodge the hold so that you may come out of the winter and into the spring of your being. Metatron and I can help.