I highly recommend Metaronic Healing with Louise – to anyone who is serious about getting to ‘know’ and meet their fears, and gently feel them dissolve away as the illusion, that you come to know they are.  Inviting the energies and presence of Archangel Metatron to help ‘’lift the unconscious story from the body’s cellular memory and activate the heart centre”, resonated true to me, from the very first mention (many years ago) of Metaronic Healing – working from a ‘cellular level’.  Metatronic Healing has helped me to get out of my own way to heal. I feel more confident and revitalised with powerful healing sessions with Louise Page.

The places where we come to realise we hold life’s traumas, may not be an easy journey, as it is vague and obstructed by social conditioning and cultural upbringing.  Louise has been the blessing who has time and time again navigated the journey with me, in private and group sessions, which for me has lead to some astoundingly beneficial changes in my life, following the unravelling and healing traumas of my past and the present. In my experience changes have occurred instantly outside the measure of ‘time’ as we know it.

Any healing session with Louise has always been relaxing, safe and supportive. The Cabin in Wendover has a palpable calm and an instant grounding resonance which automatically puts me at ease. The power of Metatronic healing can be profound but simple and gentle at the same time. I have had many healing sessions with Louise over many years and still meet regularly to ‘re-calibrate’ my spiritual life, which then gives me a healthy outlook in my relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Louise continues to intuitively evolve her energy work and practices and workshops which is abundantly available during her sessions. Many thanks Louise, for your untiring support for your clients.

Nageena Ahmed

Midwife, Holistic& Complementay Therapies in Pregnancy

Metatronic Healing, brought in through the beautiful, loving, and gracious energy of Louise, has catapulted me forwards in this process, enabling me to release numerous restrictions placed upon me by my ego, by my tendency to ‘play small’.

Metatron has guided and encouraged me to surrender my negative and limiting ‘stories’, to pay significantly less attention to my inner critic, to embrace myself with love, appreciation and acceptance . . . to perceive myself as the best possible version of myself and be this way in the world.

I have released many damaging thoughts and feelings I was holding about my family, vastly improving these relationships, finding a deep inner peace, and facilitating my serving them lovingly in their vulnerability and fragility.

I give thanks to Louise for her generous and compassionate support of me, for her perception and sensitivity, for her commitment to being a clear and open channel for Metatron’s mighty and majestic energy. Being gifted access to Metatron through Louise has been an invaluable, uplifting, expansive, life-enhancing blessing!

Patsi Hayes Co-Founder of Anusha Healing www.anushahealing.co.uk 

“I received distance Metatronic Healing from Louise at a very difficult time in my life. The impact and the clarity of this healing was profound. I spoke to Louise over the phone once a week. The healing was so powerful, it was as if she was in the room with me. I can not recommend Louise highly enough. She is a gentle, supportive, intuitive healer and I am forever grateful for the healing work we did together. “ 

Gaynor Godiva

Distance Healing Phone Client

My healing sessions with Louise have been very profound and brought real changes for me, especially when I did a few sessions close together last year. I very much like Louise’s quiet, caring manner and it is easy to put my trust in her hands. As well as being a very skilled and experienced Metatronic practitioner, she is very insightful and compassionate. When issues/changes have been brought up in the healings, Louise has helped me understand them and their relevance at a deeper level. Metatronic Healing is about “lifting the story” from our systems and I have experienced changes which are exactly that..

Antonia Scott, Homeopath

Thanks for another wonderful Metatronic healing. Clearing, balancing, supportive and very powerful. Just what I needed after all the tough stuff I have been working on. xx

Suzan Joy Wells, Yoga Teacher and Healer

I first met Louise Page at a group session thinking it would replace a meditation class I used to go to before I moved to Buckinghamshire. Little did I know at the time how useful Metatronic Healing would be to me and how much I would benefit from these group sessions.

In that first session that I attended, Louise explained in simple language what Metatronic Healing is and over the course of a couple of years I have developed my understanding and experience. I have had a handful of 121 sessions to help certain areas of my life and attended group sessions most weeks. I have also followed the introductory course for Metatronic healing.

Louise is warm, caring and honest and these qualities show in 121s and group sessions. She has great belief in Metatronic Healing and is very willing to share her knowledge and personal experience where appropriate. I have gained clarity, understanding and a sense of community from these group sessions. Thank you Louise.

Love, Cate x 

Last night a group of us enjoyed another wonderful meditation with Louise Page. These Metatronic Meditations have been profound healing experiences for all that have attended.

JK at Lacey’s Yard Chesham Metatronic Healing Group

Thanks Louise, another beautiful transformative morning!

Love and blessings

PH Metatronic Healing Group meditation Morning

I have been going to Louise’s Metatronic Healing Groups for 4 years now and it has really helped me recover from a dark period in my life. Metatronic Healing has assisted me in understanding myself (mind, body and soul) and it has steadily released a lot of trauma that I was unconsciously carrying around. I feel lighter, calmer and stronger in myself since going to Metatronic Healing and I thank Louise and Metatron for their support and help

I’ve attended Metatronic Group Meditations and also a 121 session with Louise, who is very kind and supportive.

Both have been very insightful, providing understanding and clarity around patterns of thought, emotion or behaviour, and helping me to shift my perspective on certain issues.  

DH – Chesham Metatronic Healing Group

I had 2 sessions with Louise and they were amazing, I highly recommend them! The first session was helping me to get some energy back as I was very burnt out and unable to function well. The session was very relaxing and calming, as if it was resetting my nervous system and all systems in my body. Afterwards I had the best rest and sleep and my energy levels became much better, I was able to function again. My situation at the time was very stressful though and I didn’t feel safe in my own home. The second session focused on my unsafe feelings. These feelings were buried deep and I felt a huge release during the session, after which an overwhelming feeling of bliss came over me. I was literally in heaven for the rest of the session! It took a few days or longer to fully integrate this life-changing session, during which I made changes to my home life. I now feel safe in my home and am glad to say that these sessions were life-transforming, very supportive and even blissful. I would not hesitate in recommending Louise and her amazing healing abilities, she definitely has a gift!