Separating the Wheat from Th Chaff

It has been a while since I wrote a blog and newsletter. I have been in a period of transition I would say, still in it, but part of the transition is about becoming clear about what I am doing and why I am doing it. I have been working on revamping my website as a Word press site. It is now up but will continue to be amended as I learn how to use the word press site-building.

It is a good process to go through, for much of my self employed life I have muddled along and only now am I at a point of sifting the wheat from the chaff. I remember this expression from when I was at college. I had a crush on this guy who had no interest in me but with whom a drunken “event” took place. I was in my mid twenties, and he was very mature about the way that he handled the situation and me. After we had chatted about the “event” , about which I felt enormous embarrassment, he came the next day with the quote from Mathew about separating the wheat from the chaff, it was framed which showed a lot of thought not just in the words but the presentation. Not being a religious person, I took the words for what they were and I understood it to be a valuable experience, encouraging me to be more discerning.

What does it actually mean to separate the wheat from the chaff? and what is the relevance of it coming to my awareness now, at this moment in time? What might it mean for you?

For me it has been a strange year, and I know from many of you, that you are feeling it that way too.It has been strange because things have been falling away, been stirred up . It feels like a time of transition as various cosmic events through the year, have led to a bringing up of that which I have not wanted to look at. It seems this year has been about not avoiding those aspects or issues or circumstances that have /are difficult uncomfortable, painful even. There is nowhere to hide and therefore it has forced in a way a coming out of hiding. I say forced, I don’t believe that it would have been happening if there was not Divine timing and synchronicity to it all coming together at this time. I think what I mean is that there is no longer the same opportunity to turn away, to put things off to a “better” time. The time is now, as the cards keep pointing out, to bring the full force of our being to the surface, to step more fully into our true natures and to clear away the unconscious patterns and programs that we have for so long believed to be our truth.

I was listening to Peter Crone and Dr Joe Dispenza on the Hay House Healing summit  this last week plus others. What these two teacher are saying is so much in line with what Metatronic Healing is about. It felt very reassuring to know how in tune with current thinking it is. Everyone is talking about the unconscious patterns and stories, the conditioning that we have which we speak from. It is like we are living the lives of those who brought us up, speaking from that rather than from who we are.

So for me, when I think of the separating the wheat from the chaff this is what it is saying, the wheat is the valuable part, the chaff is the bit that has no value. It feels a bit odd to speak of wheat in this way being Gluten free! but the premise is what we are connecting with here. It is no longer ok for me to muddle along. As I get older I want to have a bit more fun, I would like to live life a bit more and in order to do this more fully I need to become clear about what is valuable to me and what is not so. Revamping my website has been a very useful process. It has allowed me to become clear and to find the words to express where I am coming to it from.

I have gained so much benefit from the years of growth and change that this healing system has brought me personally, and this is what I want to be doing going forward. I want to be even more boundaried about it in the sense that when I offer healing or group sessions I want to be fully be clear in my boundaries so I may be fully present and available at those times, at other times, I need to set aside time for my own healing and growth and enjoyment of life. It the same principle of giving and receiving. It is important to give to ourselves as well as others and to get that into balance. If we can’t give as humans something doesn’t feel right, but something I have not been good at is receiving, it all comes down to the right balance. We can give more fully of ourselves when we can get this right for us. This is what I am working on, managing my time and my energies so that when I am working I am completely present and with you, when I am not I will work on allowing myself to receive.

Coming back to the wheat and the chaff analogy- what is valuable to you and what is not, what is it that you are doing that does not serve you and what is it that you would like to change to bring your life more into balance?. This year’s Metatronic Healing courses have been deep and I have not fully understood the healing process that I have been experiencing until now. My practice has been quiet while I have been processing this, and it may continue until the end of the year and maybe into the next but it has allowed me to let go of what does not serve me, or at least begin that process.

Metatronic Healing sessions and group healing are here to support you in letting go, of identifying what is the wheat and what is the chaff. It is an ongoing experience through life but having tools and skills that I know will help others to come into balance and harmony and come more fully back to the truth of themselves is something that is of great value in my life. I know from my personal experience how beneficial the healing has been and that is my gift. I know because I have experienced it, I can support you from a place of knowing and understanding. I am deeply grateful for all my life experiences no matter how challenging they have been or continue to be because with the gift of this healing system I am able to slowly but surely separate the wheat from the chaff in my own life, and I can help you do the same in yours. Peter Crone from surviving to thriving- well worth a look Dr Joe Dispenza- breaking the habit of being yourself