Currently all healing 1-2-1 and Group Healing Meditations are being offered online via Zoom on a pay what youfeel you can afford basis

Please do get in touch if you need healing support whatever your means during these extraordinary times

The core of Metatronic Healing® is to lift from the body energetically the stories of limitation and separation and all that disempowers us. 

Pippa Merivale, Founder of Metatronic Healing

What is Metatronic Healing?

Metatronic Healing is the sharing of the Archangelic approach to awakening and healing – A New approach to healing in new times. Things on earth are speeding up now, and more and more opportunities are available for us to practice living each moment from a place of truth and centering.  

Metatronic Healing evolved to assist us in getting to that place of centredness and Truth, Energetically lifting and clearing deep wounds, limited beliefs and stories (lower vibrational energies) held in our cells which have been keeping us stuck.

We are being given practical, dynamic help from realms way beyond our previous dreams through this Angelic being, through Metatron. 

Do you want to heal past wounds, feel more empowered to be your authentic self or to  heal family and karmic patterns affecting your life currently? Do you want to grown spirituallly and feel better generally ?

Metatronic Healing helps you connect with what is being held at a cellular level in the body and unconscious, the bits of our experience, beliefs and emotions that keep us stuck.

Many of us hold fears, emotional issues, conditioning and energetic debris within the cells of our bodies and engergy system from our experiences in this life time and previous ones. These create blocks which, through Metatron’s light, love and compassion, are gently released through this process called “Lifting the Story”.

When this happens our perception of reality can begin to shift causing tension in the body to unwind, releasing inner pressure and therefore, promoting health on all levels. The high frequency energies of Metatron which bring love and compassion to our wounds facilitates the release by allowing more light in reflecting our truest nature and allowing it to be revealed.

When you come for a healing either in groups or for a one-to-one individual  or healing meditation appointment you will experience a deep energetic holding to support you in your quest towards personal transformation and healing of the unconscious patterns held in the cellular memory. As you commit fully to your healing your true Divine template will be revealed over time, bringing you back to health and wholeness on all levels of your being.  

  Specialist Metatronic Healing

  Programmes with Louise

 Healing from Sacrifice to Sacredeness


  Healing Past Wounds will support the release of:-  

  Repeating stories, patterns and Limiting beliefs i.e. Not   good enough, feelings of sadness, guilt, shame, fear, issues   around any form of abuse especially sexual.

  Traumatic events either current or past, from this lifetime   or  previous

  Ancestral and Family Lineage/Karmic Healing works   on issues of:-

 Family traits and Karmic patterns passed down through a   way of thinking and genetic lineage

 Healing “shadow self”

 Empowement Healing programme helps work on   issues around:- 


 Balancing, re-centreing, reconnection and empowerment 

  Living Well and healing through Illness works on:-

  Stuck energy in the body

 Illness or injury not fully embraced, issue affecting you on a   physical, emotional or spiritual level

 When you feel bent out of shape by life events and circumstances, the energies re-centre and realign you

 Immune boosting/Viruses/ Cancer support

 Spiritual Connection and Awakening

 Spiritual growth and awakening- connecting with your authentic self

 Grounding and Earthing  


Healing Programmes and charges


In-person & Absentee/Phone(UK)

Metatronic Healing® Sessions &    individual Healing Mediation

It is recommended that you have  at least 3 sessions of Metatronic  Healing, longer programmes offer  most benefit

If cost is an issue please get in touch  to discuss options


One-to-one Metatronic Healing sessions 

 Block of three 1 Hour One-to-one Healing sessions 

 £180 if paid weekly at £60 per session

 £165 if paid on booking (saving £15)

Specialist Healing Programmes with Louise 6 sessions over 8 Weeks

 £360 if paid weekly =£60 per session

 £318 if paid in full on booking = £53

 or pay by instalments first instalment £130, and two subsequent payments of   £100

 Specialist Healing Programmes with Louise are 10 sessions over 12 Weeks

  £600 if paid weekly = £60 per session

 £500 when paid in full on booking = £50 per session

 or if paying by instalments £ 190 initial payment, and two subsequent payments   of  £180 =£55 per session

 Concession when paid in full on booking is therefore £50

 Choose from the following as a focus for your healing sessions 

 1) Healing wounds of the Past

 2) Ancestral and Family Lineage healing/Karmic Healing

 3) Empowerment

 4) Living Well and healing through illness

 5) Spiritual Connection and Awakening

One-to-one Healing Meditation Session

 Block of Three 45 Minute One-to-one Healing Meditation session paid in advance   of first session

 £135 paid weekly £45 per session 

 Full amount paid on booking £120 (£15 saving) 

Book One-to-one Healing or Healing Meditation Appointment(s) with Louise

My healing sessions with Louise have been very profound and brought real changes for me, especially when I did a few sessions close together last year. I very much like Louise’s quiet, caring manner and it is easy to put my trust in her hands. As well as being a very skilled and experienced Metatronic practitioner, she is very insightful and compassionate. When issues/changes have been brought up in the healings, Louise has helped me understand them and their relevance at a deeper level. Metatronic Healing is about “lifting the story” from our systems and I have experienced changes which are exactly that.

Antona Scott, Homeopath

I highly recommend Metaronic Healing with Louise – to anyone who is serious about getting to ‘know’ and meet their fears, and gently feel them dissolve away as the illusion, that you come to know they are.  Inviting the energies and presence of Archangel Metatron to help ‘’lift the unconscious story from the body’s cellular memory and activate the heart centre”, resonated true to me, from the very first mention (many years ago) of Metaronic Healing -working from a ‘cellular level’.  Metaronic Healing has helped me to get out of my own way to heal. I feel more confident and revitalised with powerful healing sessions with Louise Page.

The places where we come to realise we hold life’s traumas, may not be an easy journey, as it is vague and obstructed by social conditioning and cultural upbringing.  Louise has been the blessing who has time and time again navigated the journey with me, in private and group sessions, which for me has lead to some astoundingly beneficial changes in my life, following the unravelling and healing traumas of my past and the present. In my experience changes have occurred instantly outside the measure of ‘time’ as we know it.

Any healing session with Louise has always been relaxing, safe and supportive. The Cabin in Wendover has a palpable calm and an instant grounding resonance which automatically puts me at ease. The power of Metatronic healing can be profound but simple and gentle at the same time. I have had many healing sessions with Louise over many years and still meet regularly to ‘re-calibrate’ my spiritual life, which then gives me a healthy outlook in my relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Louise continues to intuitively evolve her energy work and practices and workshops which is abundantly available during her sessions.   Many thanks Louise, for your untiring support for your clients.

Nageena Ahmed

Midwife, Holistic & Complementay Therapies in Pregnancy