Metratronic Healing Training 

with Clare Glennon and Richard Farmer

Clare and Richard offer all levels of Metatronic Healing Training.

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My experience of Metatronic Healing is that it is profound and deep. It is somehow able to access the very energies of Creation and apply them super-sensitively and intelligently to act in our whole being – body, mind and spirit – in whichever ways we can hold. This begins a significant process of helping us to identify patterns we may have been unaware of, which have unconsciously woven together to contribute to whatever problems we are addressing – either recent – or with roots in the far, far distance. It can expand our awareness greatly, enabling us to release any negative ‘charges’ we may hold on to around our ‘life stories’, helping to change previous perspectives that may have held us back. This Healing process assists us to let go of what no longer serves us, creating space within and between our cells to store creative, healing energies in their place. This is the specific intention behind this beautiful Healing modality. It can bring benefits of the deepest awareness of our previously untapped potential, awakening a sense of Grace and Presence within, from which all healing is possible.

Sue Long 

Group Attendee and Student of Metatronic Healing

I have now done four levels of Metatronic healing, led by Clare but in Louise’s tranquil cabin and hosted by her, and they have been some of the most beautiful, profound and sometimes challenging experiences. I have gained so much from them in my own life and from now being able to work with the energies day to day. Louise provides the perfect space and welcoming atmosphere so I feel able to relax and trust – the groups are small which I find easier and I feel held and nurtured. Honestly the courses have been jewels beyond words and my journey with Metatronic healing is now interwoven as a part of me.

Antonia Scott, Homeopath and Metatronic Healing student