Healing through Illness Case Study-

Nikki shares her story of how she came to Healing and the benefits she has experienced alongside the lifestyle changes she is making

 My story – I started going to Louise for Metatronic Healing a fair few months ago as I was diagnosed with breast cancer last January which sent me to a place of panic and fear. I followed the advice of my consultant and choose to have a mastectomy, the results that came back after surgery uplifted my cancer to a stage 3 as the biopsy lymph nod, they took at the point of surgery tested positive. I was advised to have a full clearance of my lymph nods of which I refused I was then told by my consultant that I required chemotherapy then a course of radiotherapy so the whole nine yards in essence. Something woke up in me after my first experience of Chemotherapy, as the NHS stats only gave me a further 12% increased chance of survival which in my view was incredibly poor in this day and age and  didn’t make logical sense.

So, I started researching healing breast cancer naturally and when I say research, I mean research and I was blown away with what it revealed. As I discovered that cancer is in fact an immune deficiency disease created by ourselves from abusing our bodies and it’s our bodies way of crying out that it needs help. What I discovered was by creating a strong immune system in the body, it can heal itself, so in a nutshell I stripped my diet of sugar, junk food, takeaways and  starting eating green shakes, lots of raw veg, reduced my dairy, meat and whole grain intake and started taking various supplements to bring my immune system back up. I also stripping all the chemicals from my body by switching to only using totally natural products on my body, in my house, cookware in essence everything that was in my control that has a toxic impact to the body I have changed. My research then lead me to healing of emotional wounds and how powerful our minds are at healing the body and how important it is to let go of stress, anxiety, fear, anger, resentment as this creates imbalances within the body and makes our hormones out of whack as we are in flight or fight mode the whole time and therefore our bodies are not able to heal themselves. I knew deep inside of me that my cancer was due to my emotional wellbeing and my mental health as I have suffered with anxiety, fear and mental health issues since the age of 14, along with a very turbulent relationship with my mum, my dad also died 6 years ago and I was in a job I hated and to be honest I was very unhappy.

Therefore, I knew I needed to address all these emotional issues to heal myself properly and to find peace and happiness again. During my research faze I was very fortunate to be introduced to Louise and have now been seeing Louise on a weekly basis for a few months. It’s been a fascinating and enlightening journey, as Louise has slowly stripped back the layers of emotional tut that needed to be cleared. Louise has been brilliant throughout, guiding, explaining and coaching me in a non-judgemental, compassionate way through the process of letting go of all the negative beliefs, patterns and anger that have developed over the years (which we all have in some way shape or form). It’s much like peeling an onion as you have to do it in stages, slowly lifting the story behind each belief/issue to find the root cause. It’s not always been an easy journey as a lot of emotions come up that you don’t necessarily want to re-visit however imperative if you want to release and clear the emotional baggage that we all carry round in this fast paced society of today.

I would therefore recommend that everyone on this planet should go and see Louise and start the healing process to release themselves from their emotional turmoil be it small traumas from your childhood or the large traumas that may have impacted or decimated your life. What’s even better is that it’s all fixable as long as you are willing to go on the journey to do so. So I urge you if my story resonates in any way for you, I totally recommend you go and see Louise for some Metatronic Healing and let the light and love back into your heart and life it will be the best present you could ever give yourself.

Thank you, Louise, for everything, I couldn’t have done this journey without you lots of love and light.

Nikki Sargento