Introduction to Metatronic Healing sessions with Louise

 In the Introductory Metatronic Healing sessions Louise will share this angelic approach to awakening and healing in the form of an introductory talk, a meditation and a group healing.

                     Forthcoming Dates for Introductory sessions



 Laceys Yard,


 What an Introductory session involves:-

 All are very welcome.

 It will be a graceful, peaceful and beautiful morning or evening. Come with your curiosity, what troubles you and your wish to be free of what holds you tightly.

 No previous experience is required.

You may sit or lie down so please bring what you need to be comfortable.

There will be a chance to ask questions or share experiences.

Please feel free to bring anyone you feel may be interested.

Metatronic Healing®

It reactivates the heart centre so that our true essence is more available to us
It lifts the stories that rule us from our cellular memory so that less is in the way of our aliveness

About Louise, she is an experienced energy healer and metaphysical counselor/practitioner of some 20 years and has completed all levels of Metatronic Healing and offer 1-2-1 and groups Healing sessions.

Invite Louise to give an Introduction to Metatronic Healing Session

If you have a venue or know a group, and would like Louise to come and give an Introductory session on Metatronic Healing

Please get in touch to arrange.