Healing Meditation Groups

In-person Healing Meditations are available as well as online via Zoom

What happens during a healing meditation session?

This group offers a guided healing meditation that supports you in grounding and reconnection, realigning you to spirit when life has bent you out of shape or knocked you off kilter.

You will be held in a healing hold supported by the angelic realms and ascended beings and whichever Divine support is needed by the make up of the group.

It is a group that offers the connection to other likeminded souls and opportunity to receive deep support in times of challenge or stress.

The session is for 1 hour and 30 minutes and includes a guided healing meditation of about 40-45 minutes, and oracle cards ,which often confirm or support the experience of the healing. There is an invitation to share your experiences of the meditation should you wish to and a small amount of conversation around spiritual matters coming up from life experiences and what is happening in the world around us.

Healing Meditation Groups 

Thursday Mornings 10-11.30am   

Monday Evenings 7.30-9pm  

 You are encouraged to commit to a block of sessions for ongoing support and benefit. You  can join another group in the same week if you are unable to attend your usual group. 

Who will benefit from attending regular healing meditation Groups?
It is a group for awakening souls open to self development and growth, open to meeting their wounding with the intention of coming more into their full potential and wholeness


Book a block of Healing Meditation sessions

I have been part of one of Louise’s healing meditation groups for several years and I can honestly say that, despite my slightly cynical misgivings at the start, it has transformed my life. The shifts in energy, the personal realisations and the support of a regular group of  people, all skilfully facilitated by Louise, have been a revelation and I am grateful for it all.

Sally Blackman, Shiatsu Practitioner and Qi Gong Teaher  at Laceys Yard, Chesham www.laceysyard.co.uk 


I have been going to Louise’s Metatronic healing group meditations for 4 years and they have become an important anchor to my week. I was originally looking for a meditation class but these are that and so much more. They give me a regular moment to reflect on what is happening in my life, notice how that feels and receive healing for it. Louise provides a lovely welcoming space and is a very skilled practitioner at bringing in the Metatronic energies – often within the group a theme appears of issues we are dealing with. The Metatronic energies can be incredibly powerful or equally peaceful and calming – each session is different. When we talk about our experiences afterwards, Louise is very insightful and has so often really helped me to understand things at a deeper level. I love that we finish the evenings with cards and there’s always a lot of laughter. Louise’s groups have become such an important part of my journey.

Antonia Scott, Homeopath

Last night a group of us enjoyed another wonderful healing meditation with Louise Page. These Metatronic Meditations have been profound healing experiences for all that have attended”.

JK at Lacey’s Yard Chesham Metatronic Healing Group


Thank you for all the amazing Metatronic Healing Meditation mornings we have shared together.  It has been a real healing journey for me and continues to do so from each meeting I attend

Friday evening Group Attendee

“Thank you (& Metatron) for the brilliant guided healing meditation . . . I felt totally relaxed and held by you and was able to go very deep and really let go of some stubborn stuff which had been hanging around for ages. I felt much lighter and clearer as a result”.               

Patsi Hayes

Thanks Louise, another beautiful transformative morning!

Pat H  Healing Meditation Morning