I have been working on becoming clearer and one of the the things that I am wanting to do is to express to anyone who is interested what Metatronic Healing is and how it might benefit them. It is not always easy to define the seeming undefinable but it is necessary to make it accessible. What is the point of having skills and experience if you aren’t able to regularly put into practise to support and help others, this has been the question I have kept asking myself, this has been my challenge. In the past in these blogs I have connected Metatronic Healing to nature to demystify this healing modality and the similarities of the mystical nature of the healing system with the mystery of daily events in nature.

I said in the last blog that what I have tended to do throughout life is to muddle along and I know that I have been guided whilst muddling but there is a difference between taking action, being proactive and waiting for things to fall into your lap or just expecting things to work out. I am not sure as I write this what I have been doing or how to describe it so I am going to try to get to the bottom of it here and hope that it might help you too. I feel that I have responded to a drive or a calling but have got here without really having any kind of plan. I am not saying that is bad or wrong, I don’t seem to work any other way, but I am at a point in life where I would like to get a bit more definition around time at work and time away. As I said last week it feels that when I can do that what I will bring will be more fully heart centred.

So, back to clarity, when we are clear we are able to give the Universe a clear message. The universe, and the laws within, are impersonal, and it may be, when things don’t work out, that we feel the universe is against us. It does not work that way. The Universal Laws are impersonal, there is no one “up there” saying “for goodness sake, not you making the same mistakes again”, and  judging you and questioning why you are making the same mistakes again*. When we think we “should” or “aught to”, and when we think we need to do things a certain way, where is that coming from, who do we think is judging us or expecting us to behave a certain way? *By the way, I deeply believe that we are supported in so many ways by nature, the Universe and something greater that ourselves but also of ourselves, for we are part of Oneness of all things.

The answer is our conditioning, our limiting beliefs, our inner critics and that has come from our or a parent, or teacher or religious leader etc. This is not a judgment about them but more a pointer to where we are living our lives from. Becoming clear, for me, means reconnecting with our true authentic self rather than coming from a belief that we have about ourselves based on our experiences of life and the people who have shaped and molded us to be the way we are, and to have the beliefs that we have. As Deepka Chorpa says ” the limiting beliefs that we have can be corrected” and this is what Metatronic Healing is doing for me and can do for you too, It can clear by lifting away energetically the beliefs that hold us back so that we can live our lives from our true identity and potentiality, the “one” that we are beneath the limiting beliefs.

So, the answer to the question that I have been pondering here is that I have been muddling along  because I have had fears about being seen and heard. I have been afraid to really step up and out because within me I have held anxiety about not being good enough, and I have held a lot of shame
(believing I am fundamentally bad because of Childhood traumas and experiences). My true essence has always been there responding to the drive to heal and awaken but I have needed the support and help of this healing system to clear away, bit by bit, blocks and limiting beliefs that have kept  me stuck, and the Universe has always responded to my limiting beliefs because that is all is can do, because that is the way Universe works.

This, of course, is not about blame or shame or guilt, we do what we do until we do it differently and there is no time limit by which should have achieved this or that. We do it when we do it. Russell Brand in his Book about Addiction talks about getting to a place where you accept there is a problem, from there you can begin to make change.

“I live in negotiation with a shadow side that has to be respected. There is a wound. I believe that this is more than a characteristic of addiction. I think it is a part of being human, to carry a wound, a flaw and again, paradoxically, it is only by accepting it that we can progress”. Russell Brand Recovery Freedom from our Addictions

Just remember that we respond to life from our underlying wound or need, and yes our experiences define who we are and who we become but there are tools and healing that can support us in lifting and clearing the energetic charge so that we become less reactive, more accepting and we then become clearer to be who we are meant to be in the world, we can reach our full potential and creativity.

I could go on but considering the blank page at the start felt quite daunting it is surprising what happens when we find some clarity.

https://youtu.be/p5eNNcM_gt4 Deepak Chopra