About Louise

I love nature and being outdoors, I have always felt a strong connection to the earth. I am person who likes to live naturally enjoying simple pleasures such as walks in the beautiful surroundings of my home in Wendover with my husband and son. I am also very fortunate to have a healing space in my garden, it too is a place where the soul can find peace and is open to you too. It is through my deep connection with nature, that has been with me throughout my life, that I am able to offer a groundedness and consistency in the support and healing that I offer allowing you to feel safe to unravel anystuckness within.

The practise of Metatronic Healing and all the training that I have recieved since I completed the first level for the first time, in 2009, has had the most significant and far reaching impact on my life of anything that I have experienced. I grew up in circumstances that were so traumatic that I shut myself down to feeling, I have struggled with self belief and confidence much of my life. I  have spent much of my life seeking to heal my wounds and over the last 25 years have trained in a number of different healing modalities with that purpose in mind. Metatronic Healing is the one modality that has taught me to meet myself, to stop the seeking and begin the process of healing my heart so that I might step more fully into my true purpose- to balance the masculine and feminine energies within and to fully activate my heart which had built walls and barriers to keep out pain. 

I initially studied Usui and Karuna Reiki to Teacher levels but felt that something was missing for me-a deeper understanding about spiritual matters, so I began training in Metaphysical wisdom. Through the Metaphysical Society for Expanded Consciousness, over 7 years,  I developed that deeper understanding, through personal development and spiritual growth, training as a Metaphysical Counsellor, Facilitator and Teacher. This wisdom and learning comes through in my healing work and meditation groups and all that I offer. 

For me, Metatronic Healing has been the greatest personal and spiritual advancement and awakening, helping me heal unconsious patterns that had been buried deep in my cells, not just from this life-time but from previous ones too. I have been compelled to train to all seven levels of Metatronic Healing, never having been so sure of any other healing modality than this one. As a result, I have at my hands more than 70 different Metatronic Healing energy rays having completed all 7 levels of the system. Through my groundedness I offer a level consistent approach to healing and awakening that enables the quickening of consciousness, allowing you to feel safe and less fearful as you meet whatever has kept you small and disempowered. 

As an Advanced Metatronic Healing Practitioner and Group facilitator I am now at a point with Metatronic Healing of re-visiting all the levels (more than once) deepening this powerful healing system further in my understanding, in my system and in my awareness.

To find out more about training and the course pathway please go to www.metatronic-life.com

Louise’s formidable healing gifts are sometimes disguised by her quiet presentation. She is a highly intuitive, deep-seeing and deep-caring person; a healer I would recommend to anyone.

Pippa Merivale Founder of Metatronic Healing