Currently all Healing 1-2-1 and Group Healing Meditations are being offered online via Zoom on a pay what you feel you can afford basis 

Please do get in touch if you need healing support, whatever your means during these extraordinary times, Louise  

“Metatron’s promise was that this modality would “lift the unconscious story from the body’s cellular memory and activate the heart centre”.

Metatronic Healing® is an Archangelic Approach to Healing & Awakening which has evolved since Archangel Metatron first communicated with Pippa Merivale, its founder,in 2007. 

Louise Page

Advanced Metatronic Healing Practitioner and Group Facilitator


Hi, I am Louise,

I am an experienced Advanced healing practitioner and group facilitator of this potent healing system that is Metatronic Healing.

I have a dedicated healing space in Wendover, Buckinghamshire. I offer, in person, distance, zoom and phone one to one bespoke healing programmes and sequences of healing from my home practise and anywhere in the UK and the world, useful for those who live abroad, and those unable to attend appointments.

I run weekly group healing meditation sessions in 6 week terms from my home healing space, and from Chesham.

My Aim is to bring to those committed to their healing, spiritual development, growth and awakening, this potent process of healing and transformation through my healing packages and my healing meditation groups.

I offer you ongoing support and guidance as you awaken your full potential and a calm, compassionate and gentle energetic holding in your quest towards personal transformation and the healing and clearing of unconscious patterns held in the cellular memory. This powerful healing penetrates deep to heal wounds from your past,  family and Ancestral patterns in your family lineage and limiting beliefs around your personal power, health supporting your awakening, to your true self.

As you commit fully to your healing through healing packages, your true Divine self will gradually be revealed bringing you in time back to health and wholeness on all levels of your being.

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Healing Meditation Groups

One-to-One Appointments

I received distance Metatronic Healing from Louise at a very difficult time in my life. The impact and the clarity of this healing was profound. I spoke to Louise over the phone once a week. The healing was so powerful, it was as if she was in the room with me. I can not recommend Louise highly enough. She is a gentle, supportive, intuitive healer and I am forever grateful for the healing work we did together.   

Gaynor Godiva

Distance Healing Phone Client

My experience of Metatronic Healing is that it is profound and deep. It is somehow able to access the very energies of Creation and apply them super-sensitively and intelligently to act in our whole being – body, mind and spirit – in whichever ways we can hold. This begins a significant process of helping us to identify patterns we may have been unaware of, which have unconsciously woven together to contribute to whatever problems we are addressing – either recent – or with roots in the far, far distance. It can expand our awareness greatly, enabling us to release any negative ‘charges’ we may hold on to around our ‘life stories’, helping to change previous perspectives that may have held us back. This Healing process assists us to let go of what no longer serves us, creating space within and between our cells to store creative, healing energies in their place. This is the specific intention behind this beautiful Healing modality. It can bring benefits of the deepest awareness of our previously untapped potential, awakening a sense of Grace and Presence within, from which all healing is possible.

Sue Long 

Group Attendee and Student of Metatronic Healing

Metatronic Healing, brought in through the beautiful, loving, and gracious energy of Louise, has catapulted me forwards in this process, enabling me to release numerous restrictions placed upon me by my ego, by my tendency to ‘play small’.

Metatron has guided and encouraged me to surrender my negative and limiting ‘stories’, to pay significantly less attention to my inner critic, to embrace myself with love, appreciation and acceptance . . . to perceive myself as the best possible version of myself and be this way in the world.

I have released many damaging thoughts and feelings I was holding about my family, vastly improving these relationships, finding a deep inner peace, and facilitating my serving them lovingly in their vulnerability and fragility.

I give thanks to Louise for her generous and compassionate support of me, for her perception and sensitivity, for her commitment to being a clear and open channel for Metatron’s mighty and majestic energy. Being gifted access to Metatron through Louise has been an invaluable, uplifting, expansive, life-enhancing blessing!

Patsi Hayes Co-Founder of Anusha Healing